Memory Alexandra – “Don’t Break Us”

Her debut album Perfect is a blend of different styles and elements that have a timeless feel to them.

Nigerian-American singer/songwriter Memory Alexandra is a living and breathing example of the power of faith. Her overcoming physical, verbal, and emotional abuse in her life and fully realizing — and materializing — her dreams is an inspiring story in itself.

Her debut album Perfect is a blend of different styles and elements that have this timeless feel to them — no confining themselves to any particular trend, and refusing to be contained, but also, managing to stay connected throughout the 18-song tracklist. So while “2 Faced Liar” has this big 90s tinged backtrack, “Connect To Me” is more of a ballad, and songs like “Found” and “Ride” have a more contemporary Hip-Hop/R&B vibe to them, it all gels into a cohesive top to bottom listening experience, with Memory’s powerful voice as the glue that holds it all together.

The first single from the project, “Don’t Break Us,” is a heartfelt plea to her partner to — more or less — keep the relationship intact. The extremely engaging visual depicts her slowly catching her significant other keeping what appears to be secrets, from hiding phone calls to being sketchy about mail he’s receiving; it all works to illustrate the gap building between them. All of this comes together at the end as he eventually proposes at the video climax.

With a positive story of overcoming adversity and putting her faith in God — and gives all of the glory and honor to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — Memory Alexandra is a singer that deserves your attention.

Check out her video “Don’t Break Us,” above.

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