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Meet Gromo: NYC’s Next Big Star

Music is in a constant state of flux due to the world unquenchable thirst for new music. Always looking for the next best thing and hottest new act. Music looks no further than fast-rising new sensation Brae Gromek. Born Brae Gromek; however, known as recording artist Gromo, the Syracuse, New York native has crafted a sound that is quietly becoming top 40 chart-topping.

Accured mere collection of catchy tracks to convince discovering fans of his star power. Gromo signature sound of infused Hip-Hop, Dance, and Electronic elements. It is popular songs like “Roll”, “Natural High”, and “Selfish” that fan favorites refer to when enlisting Gromo’s biggest tracks of his collection to-date.

Checkout Gromo entire catalog below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

It’s Gromo’s prowess, dedication, and construction that has took him around the world. Reaching Europe, Bali, and Japan. Performing on music’s biggest stage of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival early on in his career is a feat of accomplishment that is once in a lifetime. Talented an ever-progressing, Gromo has become one of music’s most-sought after indie that, in no time at all, will surely be a name at the top of every marquee festival shortly.

As the year continues to roll on and Gromo’s buzz constantly flourishing across the U.S.. Gromo arrive at a perfect time in music with the Summer quickly approaching and fans addicted to the sensation of discovering brand new music. An undeniable top prospect, Gromo promises more new music to fuel his collection and emerging as the 2018 most buzzworthy artist.

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