Lifelong friends, Kyle Wolf and Nico Araco, pushing each other and all those around them to live their dreams formed the fast-rising sensations known as, The Empire Project. The New Jersey sound delivers a message of encouragement and feel-good vibes that fans have gravitated to willing over the groups ongoing two-year journey. Unafraid and unapologetic to discuss anything within their music, the duo unveils an emotional rollercoaster in the new video, “I Tell Myself”.

“I Tell Myself” was produced by Empire Project alongside Brandon Castro and Joe DiPrima. In a press release, the duo tells the meaning behind the song and video with the following statement.

The Empire Project on making, “I Tell Myself”:

The Song is above resorting to alcohol to numb the pain after being left uncertain with where I stand in my relationship…

A full-length production of love gone wrong. Kyle and Nico cast an emotionally driven crew of actors in Francis James, Alyssa Filanino, Matt Salvatore, Kyle Lima, James P. Long, Carlton Harris, and Damian Rucci to re-enact the song’s premise of the breaking point within a relationship and all the mayhem that ensues from beginning to end.

As “I Tell Myself” breaks on the market. The duo is thriving organically on streaming services, as they have has already accumulated over a half-million streams on Spotify and climbing. They’ve developed a way to fuse powerful, driving, electronic instrumentals with hungry ambitious lyricism. Playing off one another, Nico brings the lyricism, while Kyle creates the instruments. For daily updates on Empire Project, follow the duo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Watch “I Tell Myself” above.