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Mac Miller Drops “Small Worlds,” “Buttons,” and “Programs”

Things have been rough lately for multi-platinum superstar recording artist Mac Miller. He just separated from a long-term, high-profile relationship with Ariana Grande, shortly after being involved in a high-profile DUI, and then dealing with the fallout of the high-profile relationship including rumors and ex-comments. Ready to put everything to rest, the Warner Bros recording artist gets back to the music with the release of three brand new songs, “Small Worlds,” “Buttons,” and “Programs.”

Listen to the new songs below.

Mac Miller sounds refreshed and ready for a new lease on his career and life on the new tracks. Showing a different side to himself, Mac Miller is a lot wiser now, and it is shown in his lyrics. Miller shines the brightest on “Programs” with catchy lyrics and signature feel-good vibe.

Mac Miller promises more new music following the three new songs. It’s safe to say that a new album is definitely on the horizon. Therapy for the recording artist, except for Mac Miller to address a lot of his past few years dealings on the new project.

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