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Meechi Blanco Is Making Mondays A Good Thing

State College, Pennsylvania, rapper Meechi Blanco has been on my radar for a minute. After he had sent me a physical copy of his impressive first project, Good, I began to watch his movements in anticipation of what’s next.

That follow-up, Monday, looks to be just around the corner, and his appetizer “Braggy McBraggington” is a good sign of what he’s been cooking up. “The whole idea behind the song was just like, everybody’s got a little bragginess in them — and it was just letting it out … I feel like that’s a good thing, I feel like that’s something that people should do,” Meechi tells AAHH.
“[The song] is just me telling people to be confident in yourself, do what you want to do, brag about it,” he continues. “Because, if you’re not going to brag about it, nobody else is going to brag about it for you, you know what I mean?”

One of the coolest things about Meechi is the thought process behind his projects; it always comes from a good place. “Everybody’s like, ‘Yeah, I hate Mondays’ … I’m always trying to bring people up,” he explains when asked about the mantra for the upcoming project. “Even I get depressed sometimes. The point [of my music] is to bring people up, and make people feel good about themselves, and be happy, so I wanted to make Mondays be a positive thing — have people are looking forward to Mondays.”

“It’s important to me to be an individual, and for people like me to see what I’m doing, you know what I mean?” — Meechi Blanco

He takes the concept a step farther, too. “I only drop songs on Mondays, and all my videos come out on Mondays. Anything I do is on a Monday, just to like, brighten people’s day on Mondays.”
“My first project, Good, got a lot better response than I thought it would,” says Meechi, “so, I put a lot of pressure on myself to outdo it, and do something better. But, when I say ‘do something better,’ I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not just trying to out-rap anybody. I feel like I can out-rap anybody, but that’s not what I’m going for,” he explains confidently.
“What I’m going for is to create my [own] niche, create my lane, and my sound; I want to have something that’s individualistic,” he continues. “I don’t care about the number of fans I gain; I just want the fans I do have to be like really dedicated and to feel what I’m doing.”

Ultimately, though, his confidence in what he’s doing is driving him forward. “I feel like it takes the right people to hear you; just getting your music in front of the right ears. After that, I mean as long as it’s good, it’s going to grow and spread.”

While we wait for Monday, check out the latest visual, “Braggy McBraggington,” below.

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