Listening to this mixtape is a danger within itself but as they say in these times it’s LIT. The Yellow Tape King Kong & Godzilla mixtape was released last month. Maino and Uncle Murda take their core fans — and new fans alike — back to the environment and aura that was dominating the NYC streets 11 years ago.

Their first track “Favor For Favor” has the two hood tough guys trading bars like Jadakiss and Styles P over a sample of Nas’s 1999 record under the same title. It also features rap legend Scarface. Maino goes in with the lines like: “Come on get your body rocked/left-hand karate chop/for you dog I dismantle niggas like it’s a body shot.” Uncle Murda shoots (no pun intended) a line back, “You my right-hand man who gotta get left/who gotta get shot/who actin’ like Pac.” On their fourth track Run That Shit they start off with a skit featuring the infamous scene in 1993’s Menace II Society when Harold and Caine were carjacked leading to Harold losing his life. 

The project is seventeen tracks of chain snatching, pistol popping, and ignorance – and it’s been well received unanimously. There are guaranteed singles here, such as “Shooters on Deck” and “WorldStar,” which make the projects appeal a no-brainer.

In America’s present political climate and with illegal searches moving up to 30% according to Chief Inspector of Constabulary, does this kind of music make it better or worse for the young African- American, Hispanic and other Indigenous youth who will be targeted because the Police. Can you imagine George H. Ross giving this tape to Donald Trump and telling him to listen to “Rap Up,” “Shot Everyday,” and “Thugz Cry?”

“Police still killing our people, we out of suggestions (damn)/Time to start killing ‘em back, fuck all that protesting (facts).”

— Uncle Murda on “Rap Up”

Either way, the tape is worth listening to — and it will be heard because it is sure to catch some controversy.