Detroit native legend, Royce 5’9” blessed us from the underground with a new booming 12 track mixtape that can be streamed on DatPiff. The mixtape is entitled Trust the Shooter and is loaded with features from Styles P. Westside Gunn, Smoke DZA, Assassin and more. The mixtape is a tease introductory to the anticipating album Layers releasing on April 15th according to Royce 5’9” himself, who released this comment on his Soundcloud “Thanks to everyone whose has been supporting my music. Cop the Layers album on April 15th.”

What is fascinating is the lack of recognition the rapper receives despite all the songs he’s written for some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists, such as 50 cent, Slaughterhouse, Diddy and more. You can say he’s very much slept on by many, but here are some quotes from “Tabernacle” (a single leaked from “Layers”) that’ll very much prove that his album will be amazing, and he is one of the Top MCs out.

First off, can we applaud the storytelling structure of this song? The imagery comes vividly, and the significance behind his name came to light as he discusses the continuing coincidence of the numbers nine and five which in this single explains the death of his grandmother on the fifth floor of a hospital, as his first son being born on the ninth floor.

“I wanna share some shit with y’all. All truth, all truth…I promised not to lie in not one of these verses.”
His opening already done draw me in. After all, that’s all we ever ask for is the truth.

“I’m not a gangster, drug dealer or thug nigga. Just an MC, who made a name with his rhyme style.”
Another truth that’s very well appreciated. A lot of rappers are associated with being thugs, gangsters or whatever you call it when in all reality, they ain’t shit.

“Aye y’all remember that one joint from the Heltah Skeltah album called Sean Price be like, I’m not sure any yeah…that was my shit.”
That’s my shit too!

“And it was therapeutic for me to breathe into my mic. Started learning why the Lord put certain people in my life. And the way he started blessing me, uh I guess before my inner demons got the best of me.”
So deep and relatable. We all have that one talent that’s therapeutic to us and also been at the stage of an eye open realization.

“I got a call from my girl’s people saying she’s in labor in the hospital right now, 9th floor. I get on the elevator. The elevator stops on the 5th floor; the elevator opens up, my uncle’s standing there crying. Now I’m caught off guard, I’m like, what the fuck?”
Royce 5’9” definitely hit us with the climax as he states this in the interlude. It’s also where the number five and nine depicts how his name carries a deep meaning. Plus he stood 5 feet 9 inches tall. Um not to mention when he arrived at his girlfriend’s room in the hospital, she was 5 centimeters dilated, and she needs to be pushing at 9. I mean come on, this is far beyond coincidence now people! Sounds like a calling to me!

“I walk away feeling like a good father, the same time as a terrible son.”
This single line carries the feeling of the entire song. That conflicted and unsettling feeling of choosing between the family or your family puts us square into his shoes for a moment with this one line.

“And you know what they say God giveth, God taketh away.”
Couldn’t have wrapped up the song any better.

I mean come on! What a great teaser to “Layers” This song makes us eager to hear more from the MC. I will be tuning in on April 15th to listen to the full album.