Hip Hop is worldwide, in case you’ve been sleeping. While some of the culture’s more questionably disposable elements seem to often permeate, it’s refreshing when some of the more positive messages make their way into the consciousness of other cultures. Swedish artist LRN is a great example, taking a cue from Drake’s “God’s Plan,” albeit slightly more organically, he purchases and hands out gifts to homeless people over the holidays in the visual for the aptly titled “Merry Christmas.”

Framed as a story being read to his daughter, he kicks off with “there was once a man who wanted everyone to be happy on Christmas Eve,” before the bouncy piano beat kicks in, with his catchy bars. In the emotional video, he gives coats, gives bouquets of flowers, and even shares a pizza with a homeless gentleman, making for some worthwhile holiday feels.

The Christmas-eve release comes hit on the heels of his 3-month-old “9 to 5,” a smoother out West Coast vibe cantered around his drive to succeed while doing what he has to do to keep shit moving.

After a 2018 that included 7 visuals and an LP, LRN says he’s in no hurry to drop a new project. “I’m going to release new music videos till I gain a worldwide buzz,” he says. “Then I’ll start to think about making another album. my plan is to spread my music and think internationally.”

With a stock of music in the vault, he’s ready when you are. For now, catch the positive vibe “Merry Christmas,” above.