The DMV hosted a special Mothers Day tribute concert May 8th by way of Adam Torres Concerts, featuring opening act Yalee, followed by legendary R&B group Jodeci, Faith Evans, Blackstreet, 112, The LOX, Total, Black Rob and El Debarge. A stunning line-up of R&B/Hip Hop Super Stars which almost seemed like a Bad Boy Reunion. The Verizon Center in Washington D.C. was packed to capacity with thousands of fans who showed up to show appreciation for mothers and to see some of the legends of R&B and Hip Hop. Front to back every artist laid out the crowd with their smash-hits and natural vocals that seem to be rare these days. From Jodeci’s “Come And Talk To Me,” to El Debarge’s hit, “All This Love,” it was hard not to reminisce about the days when we used to rock these in the car with that special someone next to you; I know I did.

[All photos by Nicholas Fullen]