There’s no reason not to aim for the top in this industry — just ask North Carolina rapper Katti Supreme. “My goal is to fuck this rap game up,” he told AAHH bluntly. “[I want to] live comfortably in a penthouse somewhere in Tokyo with a crazy wardrobe with all of the designer brands you can think of.”

The bag is on his mind.

Escaping the bloody Liberian war almost two-decades ago, his parents fled to the epicenter of American culture, New York City — in the infamous Park Hill projects (nestled in Statin Island). If that name sound familiar, that’s because it [was] home to notable members of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. Violence in the neighborhood influenced his parent’s decision to relocate to North Carolina, where he currently resides.

“I started writing rhymes in the 4th grade, but I started to take it seriously — and started recording — in the 9th grade,” he denotes. He started feeding his buzz via SoundCloud, eventually upgrading from his iPad setup to something more substantial.

His 2015 single “I Might” seemed to get the ball rolling for the 18-year-old, jumpstarting his social media profiles; however, last year’s EP Trap$tar is what’s him a recognizable regional figure.

“My name comes from the acronym ‘Konquering All To Take It,’” Katti explains to AAHH, “and Supreme means that I’m ahead of my time.” His sound is built from an eclectic background and an array of sounds that span 80s and 90s rock and new school heroes like Future Hendrxx and Young Thug. “My sound is trap blended with punk rock and pop,” he says.

As of late, Katti is attempting to capitalize on the buzz his last EP created by refusing to allow his flame to die down. “I’ve released two mixtapes in 4 months and singles,” he points out, “and I’m currently working on my first official album Katti Cobain. Three of the singles that have come out of this current run is “KRZY,” “Heavy Metal,” and “Rollin.’”

“Rollin,'” with its catchy and accessible chorus and club-ready flow, is dripping with potential. Kazzi’s signature cadence gives the CREEZ produced banger life. “KRZY,” which seems to be built upon a distorted guitar riff, is another banger — “I’m a rockstar like Kurt,” he raps over the trippy JuiceGot808s instrumental.

If you doubt his organic burn, the proof is in the pudding. “My first show in my city was sold out,” he says proudly. In fact, it was later shut down for being over capacity. “I want to take my music to another level,” he says, “run my label and guide another artist to greatness,” he continues. His lofty goals transcend the everyday “blow up” and expand into “doing this as a career” territory. He’s in it for the long haul.

Katti is definitely on the right trajectory; his album is one you’ll want to look out for.