“Damn, I sold so much weed I forgot what I came for;” the first words we here in Abilene, Texas, native Jay Freeze in his newest Vlog. With over 15 years in the game, Jay is about to release his most exciting project yet — Fast Life, Slow Burn. The Vlog, which serves as a promo for the upcoming release, features cameos and kind words from his day-ones [known as the Cool People], who’ve been grinding with the talented artist over the past 15+ years.

He flows with a retooled southern sound that is reminiscent of UGK, 8Ball & MJG, with a penchant for marijuana that could rival artists like Smoke DZA and Wiz. Fast Life, Slow Burn provides a dose of Freeze’s laid back flow and commanding voice; this project is primarily for the smokers, but the introspective concepts show an even cooler side to the southern OG. Perfect piff for any hip-hop head!

Take a look at the Vlog above, and keep an eye out for the new project!