Interview With Rapper JRS3

Rapper/songwriter JRS3 has received critical acclaim from the Hip Hop/R&B world; many of his songs have gained national attention, earning…

Rapper/songwriter JRS3 has received critical acclaim from the Hip Hop/R&B world; many of his songs have gained national attention, earning prestigious placements on National Airplay charts. His track “We Can Party” became one of his most requested songs, with internet radio clocking over 5000 plays and eight weeks of consecutive charting.

He has now joined the Star 1 Records family, and looks forward to once again, dominating the airplay charts with his single “Red White Blue”, and his upcoming single/video, “Coffee.” JRS3 recently took some time to chat with AAHIPHOP and answer our world famous Q&A. Check out his answers below and get to know a little more about him.

How did you get involved in music?

My first involvement in music was in High School A Capella Choir for four years, which is where I learned to read and write music. Since then, I have always written poetry as a hobby. In 2012, I became more serious about my music teaching myself how to use Garage Band and Pro Tools on my Mac Pro book laptop, writing my lyrics; long story short, I taught myself about every aspect of the music business — learning from my mistakes along the way. Last year I became an MTV Artist, and now I am beginning to see the progress of my hard work.

Who were some of your influences?

I am inspired by everyday people, my personal experiences in life and — of course — anyone whom can relate to my journey, and whom are successful.

Tell me about the music you’re currently recording.

I have just released a hot new R&B track “You And Me,” which is slowly gaining attention across the country; but, now I am woking on an electrifying Rock/ R&B track called “Coffee.” The video and single will be released July 1.

How would you describe your sound?

Positive music the triggers all emotions and genres.
What are your goals in the industry?

I have a few songs that are commercially ready for major brands like “You Can’t Fill My Shoes,” “Red White Blue,” and “Coffee” — endorsement deals would be ideal for these songs.

What do you want people to take away from you as an artist?

JRS3 is an exceptional Indie artist that supports other Indie artists that are given the chance to prove their worth on the national stage.

Do you want to remain independent or sign to a major label?

Currently, I am an Independent, but I am open to a major label deal where we both profit; but, I am I ready to go from hobby to business!

What should we be looking out for from you?

Coffee, the new single and video, will be released on July 1st — and XM Radio talk shows are coming soon.

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Detroit rapper Justin Don is a surprisingly refreshing listen; the young artist doesn’t come from a background that you may associate with a particular sect of the the young crops of artists. Likewise, he doesn’t subscribe to any extreme isms or portray himself as a character trying to cash in on a fad. He is just a kid who likes making music — and his shit has some knock to it!

It’s not entirely clear when his full-length Will Of The D is set to hit the streets, but thus far he has a foursome of tracks available on all streaming networks that show what he’s capable of. His music accurately paints the portrait of a young man in between graduation and forever, finding his footing one milestone at a time. The vibe is a little of everything; there’s blends of pop, hip-hop, world sounds, and bouncy sound beds that would find themselves at home in just about any playlist of top 40 tracks.

“Waves,” which he notes in a Vlog will be given a visual treatment shortly, is the theme song of a summer smoke out with the team; to date, it’s easily his biggest — see best — song. “Distance” is a close second. “The more chains I have on, the less I feel like myself,” he croons, again adding to this idea that he isn’t trying to be something he isn’t. This particular song is also a testament to the work he intends to put into this game.

At it’s best, it’s just insanely smooth, and perfect for anything involving positive vibes, barbequing, and summer nights. At it’s worst, it’s similar to a lot of stuff currently out there and doesn’t honestly put him on a different plane. However, whether that’s what he ultimately wants to do isn’t transparent. At only four singles in, he’s well on his way — and has enough quality to build himself a solid foundation.

Here’s to going the distance!

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RJ Full Range Has The Beats You’re Looking For

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“I just wanna focus on producing music the way I wanna produce it,” he notes — explaining that this venture wasn’t meant to replace his TV or film work. “If someone in TV & film wants something I have, cool. I don’t want to chase though.” 

With his experience in tow, RJ’s production and experience runs the gambit from Hip Hop to trap. With years in the game, and constant attention paid to what’s popping on Billboard — regarding sound — RJ can get you all set up with professional instrumentals meant to enhance your songs and take them to the next level.

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“In order to stay standing you must exert a force equal and opposite to the trials of life.”
— Force Reaction

Their latest project, Equal and Opposite, is ten songs filled with knowledge, gems, and theme songs to chant on an eternal quest for wokeness. Silus’ unique cadence is perfectly complimented by Bitter Sweetness’ signature production that would lead itself well to live performance. There are a few different vibes — like the cinematic flow on the moody “Out Of My Element,” the head nodding drum loop of “Aside,” and the 80s/early 90s vibe of the instrumentation on powerful “Rise Up.”

Give the album a spin, below.

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AAHH recently had a chat with Detroit-based MC Justin Don, about his upbrining, introduction to Hip Hop, his upcoming LP, and more. Check out the interiew, below.

Tell us about the music — describe your sound

My music is inspired largely by Drake.  When I first got into music it was through the mainstream stuff like Drake, Big Sean, etc. (this was in my senior year of high school, 2014).  That being the case I’ve always figured their music inspired the core of my sound.  Today though, I take inspiration from a lot of different styles of music and try and incorporate them into the sound of 2018.

The people at the studio I work with always are trying to figure out a name for the style of music I make because they say it is a new style.  Their most recent title for my sound is “melodic trap.”  I’m not sure how much I agree with the name, but they have a less bias opinion than me, so I guess my sound is a melodic trap for now.

How did you get involved in music?

The fall after graduation, I left home for the first time.  I moved to Mt. Pleasant to attend Central Michigan University where I spent my freshman year living in the dorms.  One of my roommates was a friend from high school, but my other roommate was a gentleman named Rob Marrocco.

Rob was very artistic, in fact, he was and still is, pursuing a career in film.  He was the kind of guy who brought a lot of things with him to college that your typical freshman wouldn’t.  One of those things was his keyboard.  Of all the random stuff Rob brought with him, the keyboard was easily the most memorable and the most used.  He would play songs and sing on that keyboard like a pro, and the girls loved it.  This motivated me and my roommate, Jomi, to learn piano too.  That was my first experience creating music.

After college I decided to dive deeper into music; I bought a keyboard, a beat pad, and Ableton and started making beats.  After a couple of months, I stopped making beats and began writing and recording songs.  I practiced for about a year and then moved to an apartment in Detroit with my buddy Patrick Hannah.  This is where I was able to hone my craft.

After the year flew by, I decided to move back home to save some money.  I continued to write, record, and practice music but wasn’t able to put as much time into music as I used to.  This was because I started an internship as a financial representative and was starting my junior year of college.  Not wanting to miss out on his chance to live my dreams,  I got back to making music and decided to call up the nearest studio to record “I Got It.”  This ended up being the spark that changed everything.  Today, that spark is now a fire that is growing bigger every day.  I am getting ready to release my first studio album “Will of the D.”  I’m also planning to release multiple music videos, new visuals, and a variety of merchandise soon.

Who/what were some of your influences?

As I stated earlier, Drake mainly inspires my music.  Some other significant influences for me are Post Malone and Big Sean.  Lately, I have been getting some inspiration from people such as Lil Yachty, 6ix9ine, Lil Uzi Vert, and Trippie Red.  My inspiration from these artists comes less from their music and more from their ability to create a brand for themselves that is so distinct.

What have you released?

As of today, I have released three singles: “I Got It,” “Distance,” and “Waves.”  They are available to listen to everywhere.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my debut studio album which will be called “Will Of The D.”  It will be 14 songs, and the three singles I have released so far will be on the album.  The album is already recorded so right now we are just working on the polishing touches, the mixes, and the master.  In addition to the album, we are working on music that is scheduled to be released after the album.  1We want to make sure we have music on deck to release when needed in today’s rapid-fire release industry.

What have been some of your most significant achievements thus far? 

In chronological order I would rank my most significant achievements so far as:
1) Getting my music on all major streaming platforms and becoming verified on Spotify.
2) Getting into the top 10 charts on ReverbNation.
3) Completing a studio album.
4) Reaching 5000 likes on my facebook page.
5) Getting daily listeners on all music platforms (youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

What are your goals in the industry?

My goal is to make music my career.

What’s next for you, professionally?

I will continue to grow my brand and prepare for my album release.  Following my album, I will continue to release new music.  Day by day I will expand my fanbase until it is big enough where I can focus 100% on music and make the push to the next level.

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