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#IndieSpotlight: Sir B — Letters From Rehab

“Can’t be caught asleep if you the one these niggas sleeping on.”

—Sir B

Just got my hands on a new project from the land of beautiful girls and palm trees, California. It comes from  Sir B, an artist who started getting some industry buzz back in 2013, both for playing Quentin Miller for a multitude of ATL rappers and dropping his debut mixtape, SIR’tified. His latest mixtape, which I’ve been playing all day, is Letters From Rehab, a tape that I fear may slide under the radar. I say fear, because while it does have some elements that may blend in with what’s out there today, Sir B himself is incredibly charismatic — he has that inexplicable “thing” that most big artists tend to have in common. This is the kind of tape that could [easily] become a staple of your summer.

Here’s the goods, the project, which is 15 joints long — plus a bonus tune — boasts a very well-curated blend of radio/ready production. It ranges from songs to play when your girl is in the whip, joints to knock when you’re with the fellas, to more introspective music to bump solo while you ride around at night collecting your thoughts. There are a lot of new names gracing the producer credits, but I’d be demise not to mention that one of the bigger tunes here, “Low Tho,” is produced by the UK phenomenon, Menace, the young producer responsible to 2016 XXL Freshmen Desiigner’s platinum record “Panda.” No biggie. The album is loosely conceptual, and is framed around a girl [presumably, his girlfriend] going off to rehab and writing a series of progressive letters. Didn’t understand fully how it tied in beyond the interludes, cover art, and the song “Amy Winehouse,” but it still seemed to work, which is odd and difficult to explain.

Content wise, he goes from Weekend drug use, straight up hip-hop bragging, chasing dreams, relationships. I had a few Standouts here I wanted to mention. “Can’t Buy Love,” is a slow and sexy track that sees Sir B explaining to a young lady why she should let her walls down and follow her heart. On the same vibe is the zoned out “Then Comes The Drugs,” which you’ll want to make the theme song to the post-Netflix portion of your summer ‘Netflix and chill’ sessions. Also, he spazzes on the album Outro, “Leo DiCaprio,” where he tackles studio gangsters always bragging on record: “You ain’t gotta tell us, we ain’t even ask that; You got PTS? Always having flashbacks.”

If you’re a fan of what’s out and about musically, you’ll — without a doubt — enjoy this project. It’s current, industry quality, and lacks any real filler material. Where Sir B excels, though, is his lyrical content and wordplay. The kid can rap, and had a wicked ear for beats. Add Letters From Rehab to your summer playlist — because, dope. Be sure to follow him on Facebook.




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