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Producer Myles Anthony Scores A Hat-Trick With Everybody

BC-based producer Myles Anthony is back with a hat-trick, which like his previous release, “On My Way,” features fellow van-city residents Creative, and the super-talented — and worldly — Ezra. His past two releases have had incredibly different vibes, and his latest, “Everybody,” is no different. It’s an electronic [house] vibe, blended with an African, almost chanty, world music vibe that Ezra brings to the table. Creative drops some dope lines, ”They say the higher you go, yeah the more you know.”

Overall, it’s a great summery vibe and another dope release from Myles. If you missed them, be sure to check out “Up” and “On My Way.” He’s currently working on his full-length, featuring multiple artists over his production — so stay tuned!

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