#IndieSpotlight: Long Island Rapper Maui ARN Premieres “Feelings Attached” Visual

Sometimes you just have to make things happen. Every artist’s love for their craft comes from somewhere. For Long Island, New York rapper Maui ARN, he knew he had music in him. Maui’s career in music began in 2010 when he joined a rap collective known as Maui Nation with friends OTHERPRO (producer), DapperDon E (rapper), S-Clive (rapper), and Flee Capo (rapper). Although, Maui officially started taking rap seriously three years ago.

“That turning point was when [I knew and said] ‘oh I’m nice,’ I’m doing something other people aren’t doing,” says the rapper. Hailing from Long Island, New York a place that has produced legendary hip-hop artists like Rakim, Biz Markie, EPMD, Public Enemy, Method Man, and MF Doom, Maui ARN explains how being from the suburban county shaped him as a person and artist.

“It made me take risks, everyone does their own thing out here,” says Maui. “I pretty much did my own thing. I have been a fan of music for so long; I just make music that relates to me.”

#IndieSpotlight: Long Island Rapper Maui ARN Premieres "Feelings Attached" VisualGrowing up Maui listened to all types of music. He’s a big fan of R&B which rubbed off with his smooth sound in raps. Some of his favorite artists growing up were, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, and Kendrick Lamar because of their delivery and storytelling techniques. Maui uses this technique with his music. In his latest single, “Feelings Attached,” Maui talks about a young lady in a relationship catching feelings for Maui because of his suave persona.

“You gonna need more than racks, cuz lil momma got feelings attached,” raps Maui unapologetically in between scenes accompanied by friends and beautiful women in the newly released visual shot by Qasquiat and featuring DapperDon E.

“Feelings Attached” captures the essence of mainstream hip-hop culture. However, fly clothes, fast cars, and faster women do not overshadow Maui’s mastery as a rapper. “The substance [in music] is lacking nowadays,” he notes. “I like to say what I’m going through. It makes better music for listeners to relate to.” “Feelings Attached” will be featured on Maui’s first EP Don’t Sleep On Me which is set to release later this year.

Towards the end of our conversation, we touched on Maui’s interests outside of music. He’s interested in learning more about stocks and investments. “Some people get into music to get whatever is useful out of the game [money, cars, jewelry], but they don’t know how to maintain it,” he notes. “This is why what Nipsey was preaching was so pivotal.”

Maui plans on making it big in the rap game because he will always stay true to himself. “The impact I want to leave on the world is to be yourself and take chances. I’m going be me regardless.” Says Maui ARN.

Make sure you check out Maui ARN’s new visual for “Feelings Attached” above.

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