#IndieSpotlight: JFields

In today’s sea of endless mainstream mumbly commercially viable nonsense we often unable to deeply connect with an artist’s music. Now, that’s either because it’s just a series of incoherent dribble, or because it fails to scratch the surface. This inability to put themselves into the music and truly connect with listeners is the difference between rapping because it’s a ‘cool thing to do,’ and rapping as an artistic outlet or means of escape. JFields is the latter.

At a young age, JFields went through the foster system and truly had to endure some terrible stuff. Once experience he openly shares is that he was put in a pot of scalding hot water by a foster parent in a cruel act at the age 3 — which is horrendous. He spent the better part of his childhood jumping around, leaving him feeling quite detached from basic elements on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He manages to find some of the love and belonging he lacked in gang OGs, and became involved in a street life of sex, drugs, and violence.

Now, music had always been a part of his life — indeed, he was brought up singing ]in church choir and was really into the southern hip-hop vibes that gripped the game in the nineties era. He started making beats as a hobby; it soon blossomed into a passion that nosedived into a career. His difficult past has become a source of inspiration for his music, and a series of hard life lessons that are serving to help him be both a positive, hardworking person and father to his baby girl.

His story is inspiring, and his music is dope — JFields is an artist worth checking out. This isn’t suburban wanna-be fantasy rap; this is an artist whose been through it all, putting it all on the line. A true underdog story. The stuff that the hip-hop culture used to readily embrace with open arms. Check it out. Positivty reigns supreme.

For more info and video content, peep his site.

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