2018 is off to a wild start — which isn’t unexpected considering our 2017. H&M, the exceedingly popular north-American clothing chain, received an immense amount of public backlash after it released campaign images for the (now defunct) G-Eazy clothing line featuring a young black boy wearing a shirt that read Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.

The blowback inevitably resulted in both G-Eazy and Weeknd cutting ties with the company.

Then, 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, made a controversial statement towards immigrants of both Haitian and African backgrounds, asking rhetorically during a briefing “why are we allowing people from shithole countries into America?”

This led Haitian-born Toronto-based artist FrancMill to release his new song “EAZY,” in direct response to both H&M and Donald Trump’s statement regarding his home country, Haiti.

“Eazy” is available now on all streaming services. #takeiteazytrump.