Following in the footsteps of some of the biggest female rappers in the timeline of the game, Glamour Gurl Pearl — straight out of Brooklyn — is ready and poised to take the game by surprise this quarter. Not unlike iconic fellow Brooklynites like one-time Nas and Def Jam-affiliated Foxy Brown, and Biggie’s right-hand lady Lil’Kim, she has an obvious sexy appeal — actually, she gorgeous — but she also has her bars up. Obviously driven by the mindset that most artists from the Big Apple in the 90s shared, she been busy working with name brand artists and producer on the completion of her buzz-worthy upcoming album The Red Carpet; with a handful of notable record under her belt, she just dropped her biggest track to date. The single and visual, “Real Thing,” features accomplished industry name Mack Wilds, whose transcended the music game, appearing in huge TV shows like 90210, and — more notably — as Michael Lee on the Baltimore-based HBO smash, The Wire.

Directed by BmarFamous for the infamous Secret Social Motion Pictures, the video shows the super-sexy rapper going through relationship woes — starting with the ending first (he conceding that the relationship is over), before showing us a look at once was, from smiles to shadiness. The overall tone has her asserting (assuming it’s a personal record) her role as the ride or die, while the infectious hook defiantly states “I’m looking for the real thing.” The classy, high-quality video has serious potential — and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear the record getting some serious pick-up soon.

Glamour Gurl Pearl has a lot going for her — she’s sexy without coming off as ‘hyper sexual,’ and she’s nice with the pen. If all things fall into place the way her team hopes, she could be the next-best thing to bless the game from out of teh BK borough.