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Ghost Unknown Unleashes A Decade Long Labor Of Love

It’s often understood that the most enduring music comes from a more personal place–whether reflections and understanding of personal truths or cinematic recollections of actual events. Ghost Unknown, an artist, known for dabbling the Hip Hop, Horrorcore genres respectively may not have revealed over the top tales of street life or wavy rapisms in his solo debut. But, what he achieves on the poignant 7 Point Society, which balances between eclectic styles and tales of both rebounding depression and resounding optimism, is something bigger than just music.

The project itself is quite impressive; he began recording it 11 years ago (2017), with the songs spanning the entire period. Also, the order of the tracklisting is the actual order the songs were created. It’s interesting, as you can [actually] hear different genres and sounds slip into his music as he just seemed to take different directions sonically throughout the elongated span of time.

He set the tone early on with “You’re SOL ft. Tonya Wood,” and “Life Changes,” songs that establish the vibe of overcoming and persevering that seems to make itself present habitually.

Some of the songs we found the most enticing were his forays into other territories, such as the jazzy, dusty boom-bap sample on “Sounds Familiar,” where he drops bars about the rat-race alongside Rich Mahogany. The glitchy drum & bass dripped “Loop Lozenger” featuring Art Project is dripping with a mixture of swag and philosophy-soaked bars. He also goes off on the fast-rap flow of “Ginzu Immortal” with its head-nodding instrumental laden with sword slicing sounds.

He ends the 17-track affair with a massive 16-person title-track; a posse cut with an interesting background. As he explained via Bandcamp, the verses (aside from his crew) were laid in the order that the artists came into the rappers life over the past decade. So it’s creation was an extremely long process.

The project has a lot of elements, and at 17 songs, is a lot to unpack. Still–from an artist’s perspective–the completion of such ambitious labor of love is a type of satisfaction that any creative should aspire toward. Press play and give 7 Point Society a spin.

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