#GetFamiliar: Bizzy Crook

While the rest of us at 18 were stressing over college applications and prom dates, Bizzy Crook was preparing for the world to know his name. The Miami-native signed a deal with Mona Scott but ultimately ended up leaving and became an independent artist. Fast forward six years later; he has performed at Made In America, been featured under Tidal’s “Discovery” section and has released five mixtapes. As of now he is preparing for his sixth mixtape A Part of Everything, which — according to his Twitter — is 92% done. To say that Bizzy is busy is an understatement.

To be completely honest, I had no idea who Bizzy Crook was before writing this. After opening a text message with a link to his Soundcloud, I spent the next two hours getting to know him. It wasn’t just his confident demeanor, fire beats or flows that captured my attention. It was the content of his lyrics that interested me the most. It’s not a secret that today’s popular mainstream rappers lack the substance that I’ve been so desperately craving. Rappers today would much rather brag about their million dollar pools and how they make it rain in the strip club than talk about something as “trivial” as their feelings. I completely understand the persona these artists have created for themselves, but after a while it gets old.

It was refreshing yet strange to hear someone discuss their personal issues so freely on a record. Hearing rappers talk about their issues isn’t something that I’m used to listening to. I was taken on a trip inside Bizzy’s life — and mind. I visited the time he got his heart broken by a girl and went into a depression, his parents’ tough journey as immigrants in Miami to his newfound rising fame. His raps contain a spark of hopefulness that is extremely contagious. I can tell that he firmly believes in his art and is confident about his future. I can also tell just by listening to his songs, that he is in total awe of how he has ended up here. I do believe that it is his time to make his mark and create a place for himself in hip-hop. The rap game so desperately needs someone like him to come in, give everyone else a reality check, and keep them on their toes. Bizzy Crook possess that lyrical substance, is humble, and hungry enough to take the world by storm. And I, along with the rest of the world will certainly be watching.

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