Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future Hendrix has been ascending to the throne of legendary status since coming on the scene in 2011 on YC’s “Racks on Racks” record hit which was YC’s only hit but not for Future. Future has dominated the market since Pluto released in 2012 on his Freebandz record company distributed under Epic and Sony. His following records Honest, DS2 and EVOL has just established his star power. The fact that he is still giving the fans mixtapes is more than impressive and if this is the way Future use to operate in his Zone 6 Kirkwood days well I must say he must have been the man who reigned over Lil Mexico. His latest mixtape that is making more noise than his What A Time To Be Alive joint venture with Toronto rapper Drake. It has made more noise than his latest DS2 album, which gave the people the singles “Where Ya At,” “Some Commas,” and party favorite “Real Sisters;” welcome to Future Hendrix’s Purple Reign.

The 13 track mixtape released earlier this year is an album in its right that exhibits the difference between Future the Trap star and Future Hendrix the Rock star. On the hook of “Inside The Mattress,” he sings: “I’m getting better I’m in practice/I’m working every day, crafting.” On “Never Forget,” he gets a bit more personal about his past, rap/singing over a gloomy, up-tempo beat. It’s a very personal record, set apart for his core listeners to understand who he is and what he has become.

“Bout that the time I was seven my Uncle Wayne was in prison/we use to take a trip once a month and go visit/my grandma and my grandad yeah they are suspicious/ Just say no to drugs — hell naw I ain’t listen.”
– Future, from the record, “Never Forget.”

Future gets gloomier and darker by the hour giving this new generation a soundtrack for something to pop prescriptions and pour some drank to with records like “No Charge,” “All Right,” and “Perkys Calling.” The latter being an anthem for savages to hit drills while Future gives a testimony with the dark piano background bringing his words to life.

“Lord forgive me for my sins I know this cash rules/everything around me turn to fast food.”

The street hustlers, the youth and party goers all have one common MP3 file or CD, and that is Purple Reign. The summer nights in Essex County, as well as the rest of the country, will be filled with the sounds of cars racing up and down the broadways with their speakers booming out songs like Drippin on their way to clubs, beaches and house parties. The mixtape is the sound of what the streets are rocking with right now and is worth a listen.