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From Being Homeless to Living A Dream: Prince Shun

“With hard work and faith in God, I bounced back.” –Prince Shun

Straight out of the windy city, 24-year old rapper Prince Shun is a personified form of the American dream. Once homeless, the multi-talented artist—through hard work and faith in God—overcame, persevered and now his music can be heard around the country. He’s accumulated about a million views on YouTube with his music Names like Kirko Bangz and T-Rell (who are both featured on his new EP). He’s also ghostwritten and worked with many major layers, such as a Cash Money, IMG Universal Records, Atlantic and more.

Probably the most admirable thing about him is the way he gives back to his community; he runs food drives and works with the WGCI radio station and other various community projects. He knows firsthand the dangers and the struggles that many young people and families face living in Chicago’s notorious west side–so he wanted to make a difference in his community. Not everyone knows the real value of giving back to their community.

Prince Shun recently chatted with AAHH–check out the interview and singles below.

How did you get into music?

Growing up in Rockwell Projects of Chicago IL there was plenty of ways to get in trouble–one of my main distractions was music. Sometimes I’d listen to music for hours not even wanting to eat just because it kept me away from everything outside. My father wasn’t really in my life. I can only remember him high off heroin or stealing some of my clothes, or things in the house, and vanishing. Most of the time, he was in and out of jail. My mother had a lot of problems as well, but I will just leave it at that; so, as u can pretty much guess my childhood wasn’t the best. We had no money–barely enough to get by at times. Listening to songs by artists such as Michael Jackson helped me get through.

Who are some of your influences. How did you get started?

2pac, Biggie, Boys II Men–and honestly a variety of others I can’t think of at the moment. At the age of 11-12 years old I started writing, just talking about what I was going through. I first recorded at the age of 15 at an after school program and fell in love with the feeling. I was getting a lot of feedback, and that let me know that I was destined to be apart of this. At age 16, I start doing shows and eventually got on a Chicago local tv station. I continued to write songs until I was asked to perform at shows with big name celebrities–even sweet 16 parties. I started noticing that I was more talented than I knew when it came to writing; I was able to write any song I put my mind to, about anything, in any genre. So, I started songwriting for artists that were around me, which soon lead to me writing for artists around the globe.

What have been some of your biggest achievements?

I’ve opened up for Ying Yang Twins, Jeremih, Young Dro, Do or Die, Twista, 3Pieces, Omarion, BG [former Cash Money member], and others. Opening up for those names have been some of my greatest achievements, along with performing on Chicago TV–all the way to doing songs with major artists Kirko Bangz (“Let Me In”) and T-Rell (“Mad Now”). I’m [also] very proud to say a solo song I released called “Sometimes” has received a million views in one month. I’ve been offered a record deal by IMG/Universal Records, so it’s good to be on the radar of major labels; although, I haven’t signed a major deal yet. I am doing pretty good as an independent artist.

What coming up for you?

I recently released my first EP calls Pay Up which contains features with Kirko Bangz/T-Rell. It consists of six original tracks. I’ve also put out other single just for my fans. I am currently working on new projects with other major names; I plan to reach a national level with or with out a major in my corner.

What is your goal/message?

My goal is to become a house hold name and sell out stadiums around the world. I want to give back to those in need and spread my story along long with positive messages–I want to be a voice when other people are not able to be heard. I was homeless, sleeping in parks, abandoned apartments, and friends houses–whenever I could. But with hard work and faith in God, I bounced back. I now live in Las Vegas Suburbs with a very nice house and drive a Benz and a Range Rover. My destiny was to evolve. That’s the message I hope to share.

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