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Young Lit Hippy Artist Mic Mar Teases Album ‘Kidz From The Woodz’

Portland, OR – Artist Mic Mar had a unique beginning to his flourishing music career. Tempted by friends to collaborate…

Portland, OR – Artist Mic Mar had a unique beginning to his flourishing music career. Tempted by friends to collaborate on a song, the now 25-year-old artist discovered he had a knack for the art of the rhyme at 17-years-old. His competitive spirit, can-do attitude, and innate sense of creativity led him to discover that music could become something more than just a hobby – and instead, be a lifelong career and passion. A big believer in fate and destiny, Mic Mar abides by the philosophy, “Life’s too short to not do what you want to do.”

The young artist finds influence in fellow rapper and Pacific Northwest native, Macklemore. The two artists share a zest for the rap game in cities that are heavily saturated with rock and alternative music and a gift for storytelling and seeing meaning in everything.

An avid storyteller, Mic Mar’s music is deep, uplifting, and inspirational. His music is a reflection of his perspectives on struggle, which makes his audience vast, as everyone can relate on some level. His “young lit hippy” brand and persona emit vibes of “peace, love and good vibes,” laughs Mar.

The imaginative rapper recently debuted his latest video, a song entitled “Good Morning,” on November 23rd, which teases the release of his impending mixtape, Kidz From The Woodz, which hits digital platforms on January 31st, 2017. The song “Good Morning” is, as the artist describes, “an awakening.” An introduction into who the young lit hippy really is, the song is about sharing your truth, which is exactly what Mic Mar is out to do.







Ashley B began her start in the industry at just 15 years old as a writer & film maker. She wrote scripts, short stories & books, and even caught the attention of BET's own Debra Lee with her movie project, "Red Rose". Upon starting B&B Marketing/Management, writing and film making was put on hold to jump start things with B&B. In 2010, she went on to work with BET Networks, doing Marketing & PR. In 2011, she began to work for Bad Boy Ent with a role in Marketing & PR as well. She is now the VP of B&B Marketing/Management and launched her first book titled "Love Chronicles: Vol 1" which dropped in January of 2016.
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Sol Patches’ Album Serves As A ‘Love Letter’ To The Trans Community

Last year on Giving Tuesday (November 27),  New York-based, Chicago-born-and-raised multi-disciplined artist Sol Patches launched GoFundMe campaign to assist with…

Last year on Giving Tuesday (November 27),  New York-based, Chicago-born-and-raised multi-disciplined artist Sol Patches launched GoFundMe campaign to assist with the costs of gender-affirming medical processes.

“Bearing markers of both gender non-conformance and black racialization, my being is constantly under scrutiny,” she wrote about about the campaign. “With increasing anti-trans policy pressure from the state, not to mention the mind-boggling violence endured by black trans women daily, urgency is ingrained into my survival.”

Sol Patches is seeking $10,000 for medical costs, of which she’s raised more than $8,800 in the first two months of the campaign.

“I am endlessly thankful for my chosen family of siblings, mentors and loved ones for supporting me in my transition up until now, and I’m deeply grateful for every contribution,” she wrote.

In early 2018, she released her second full length project, titled Garden City, which she described as “a love letter written in music for trans people, we who dream and live to unlearn-creating in a field that denies our very existence.”

Garden City could call to mind The Garden State, New Jersey, but Sol explained the album title refers to many different things.

“One of those is the idea of a garden city first made its way to the books, in Europe when folks were trying to create utopias – the Utopian Movement,” she said. “One of the cities was supposed to be about gardens and having a city. So like, having the intersections of farming and plants and all that stuff with a city aspect. But eventually it was corrupted. A lot of rich people saw value and profit to be made, and it ultimately crumbled. So it’s definitely inspired in that tradition.”


Sol Patches also said the Garden City title has a Chicago connection, as the city’s seal includes the Latin phrase “Urbs in Horto,” or “City in a Garden.”

“I was also working with this brilliant poet and singer and creator (Chaski), and we were talking about the abandoned lots in Chicago and talking about how those deeply have affected us,” Sol explained. “It’s always been so inspiring when I think about growing up on the South Side and the West Side, and there not being many well-put-together playgrounds… And how folks made these lots a place of many happenings. And so that at its core is what inspired the LP.”

Garden City was released in early 2018, nearly two years after Sol Patches’ previous full-length As 2 Water Hurricanes, which boosted her profile in the Chicago music scene – particularly within the DIY community – landing her features in the Chicago Reader and South Side Weekly.

“As 2 Water Hurricanes was first ever project that I released, and I wrote it at a time where there were so many protests and calls-to-action in Chicago,” she said. “I was also involved in those actions and organizing those. And at the same time I was young as hell – I’m still young as hell – and it was written from the perspective of a genderqueer kid, who doesn’t know if they’re gonna make it past 18. And Garden City is more so like the aftermath. And how do I not die for my people, how do I live for the various people, who’ve given all they can to help support me. Like, how do I live for them? So that’s the tone I think, that shows the difference.”


Sol said during the time leading up to Garden City, she improved on their technical abilities as a producer and sound engineer. She produced most of the record, with additional production from her sibling Eiigo Groove, as well as Chaski (who also executive produced the album), Eve Carlstrom and Little Bear. The record also features collaborations with artists such as Rich Jones, Plus Sign, Ano Ba, Sasha No Disco and Mykele Deville.

Garden City wasn’t the only release Patches delivered in 2018. In late May, she quietly put out a more experimental project, titled Blue Transitions.

Blue Transitions, even more so than her previous work, is a freeform expression of art and identity. Sol Patches is working on re-releasing that project, which is expected to be released on most streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Lead photo by: Chaski

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Marcoof500 – “Marco The Merchant” #Review

From the onset of his debut project, 2018’s The Travels Of Marco, Marcoof500 — an entrepreneur in every sense of the…

From the onset of his debut project, 2018’s The Travels Of Marco, Marcoof500 — an entrepreneur in every sense of the word — the Virginia upstart has been feeding his extremely loyal cult following with a steady slew of releases. Since that initial warning shot, he dropped the 4-song Kitchen Chronicles EP, which featured (among other things) the song “10 O’Glock” — a record he’s chosen to make the cut for his latest LP, Marco The Merchant.

The nine-song affair is an exciting blend of stylistic elements with varying degrees of commercial viability and earworm appeal. “10 O’Glock” for example has this vintage No Limit appeal to it sonically, that grow on you with Marco’s bars and loud, but noteworthy adlibs like “fuck Trippie Redd,” or the “Left-right uppercut that ends the song off.”3

While he uses a familiar formula on a number of the songs — that still manage to work — like the piano-driven “500k,” it’s when he puts his marketability on display that you get a full spectrum of his vision. “Pesos” is a definite standout, with an instrumental that sounds ripe for a YG feature. It’s one of the sole records that you could easily hear at the club, or within a mix show format, with its repetitive chorus that you’ll find yourself singing throughout your daily moves.

Another surprisingly flame emoji record is “Designer,” which we found ourselves returning to throughout the past week. Over the blown out bass of the lo-fi banger, he finds his footing and keeps the flow steady, with a razor-sharp barrage of bars that is perfectly encased by the soundscape.

With his label 500entertainmentllc and a track record of having toured as far as Japan, he’s clearly defined his lane and is keeping his overall aesthetic on the right track. Even when his material works harder to merely fit in with the wave, it manages to swim with the best of them — but when he’s hot, he’s hot. His journey is exciting to witness, and by intertwining it into his music, he’s giving his music not just a personal touch, but an inspirational gloss for a generation of new listeners and artists looking to see who ultimately floats to the top.

Whether it’s on some smooth Valee-esque vibes, or if it’s on some darker street fare like “Will They?” there’s a sense of authenticity that shines through. Marcoof500 is that dude!

Take Marco The Merchant for a spin, below.

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Katiah One – “A Whole Lotta Water Works” EP

Upper West Side (New York City) rapper Katiah One is still reveling in his debut EP A Whole Lotta Water…

Upper West Side (New York City) rapper Katiah One is still reveling in his debut EP A Whole Lotta Water Works, which dropped November 2018. On a mission of changing the common perception of the average rapper, he draws inspiration from R&B and Rock–and artists like Freddy Mercury, Sam Cooke, and Issac Brock–all of which is evident when dissecting this eclectic body of work.


Including “Tail Spin,” a single we featured in early December, the four-song project is a statement. Katiah’s goal with his music is to be a positive influence on the world and make people smile. Currently affiliated with FiveSe7enCollective, founded by producer and artist J57, he’s well on his way to making his mark in the game.

Check out Katiah One’s debut EP A Whole Lotta Water Works, below.

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J.R.Clark Enlists Smoke DZA & Stalley For “Sunset Symphony” EP

From the home of acts like Missy and Clipse — Virginia Beach — J.R.Clark is making his presence felt with his brand…

From the home of acts like Missy and Clipse — Virginia Beach — J.R.Clark is making his presence felt with his brand new EP Sunset Symphony. With nine songs packed with boom-bap slaps and airy smoked out vibes, the third full-length addition to his catalog sparkles; impressive features bring it all together, from the likes of Kush God himself Smoke DZA, former MMG rapper Stalley, and more.

Starting his career behind the boards as a studio engineer, J.R.started releasing his own music in 2014 and built a following in the underground hip-hop scene. Inspired by acts like Curren$y, Stalley, Big K.R.I.T, J.Cole, Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q, and Chance the Rapper, his sound is unmistakably smooth with a vintage Hip Hop gloss. Look out for his upcoming project Antique Summer, which features appearances from Fendi P (Jetlife Records) and more.

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