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Fredro Starr Wages Polo War

This isn’t the Fredro Starr you remember — not exactly. Over Audible Doctors production the rambunctious Onyx frontman delivers a smooth, mellow flow as he reps the Lo-Life lifestyle. The single, Polo Wars, is the third off of his Audible Doctor produced Made In The Streets. Check the visuals after the jump.

Audible Doctor, a member of the Brooklyn based producer/rapper collective The Brown Bag All-Stars, was recently tapped to work with the likes of Jay-Z and Jay Electronica. His production style lends well to Fredro’s flow – which is better than ever. It’s been almost a decade since he released his last solo project.

The video sheds some light on the prominence of the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Sport brand within the urban community –specifically within the NYC scene. It’s that good hip-hop, and with the rumoured battle with Keith Murray swirling, it’s dope to see/hear this type of flow and delivery from the usually turnt up spit kicker. He is way more lyrical than he often gets credit for.

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