Featured DJ: BK’s Own DJ John Lutchman

DJ John Lutchman bought his first vinyl record at seven years old – and never looked back. The Brooklyn-native has earned himself some competitive accolades and high-profile performances over the years; in fact, his talents have been in demand on the club scene since he was only 12, leading to sets in Miami, various legendary New York City nightclubs (Marquee, Cielo, and Pacha), and an East Coast college tour. He’s the Dougie Howser of the DJ game!

Now, after two decades in the game, John has done everything but slow down. From rocking private events and charity functions to producing progressive house and hip-hop remixes, he’s continuing to grow his brand in a major way. We recently took some time out to chat with John about his career, his influences, and so much more. Check the interview below.

How did you get involved in DJ’ing?

It kinda started by accident; I was curious about radio sounds and
messing around with equipment in the house. Got my first Turntable at 9, started doing College parties for my sister around 12. From there I knew I wanted to keep going… I liked it too much, and I never looked back.

Who are some of your influences?

DJ Kool Herc! A significant influence for doing what he did [helping build the genre]. Most DJ’s and Artist forget about that. DJ AM has been a huge influence on me growing up; I loved his musical range and creativity. DJ Riz DJ Sizzahandz — The Crooklyn Clan. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the pioneers of the game who elevated the craft.

Describe yourself as a DJ — what’s your sound? What do you love to spin?

I pride myself as an open format DJ, so my sound is high-energy and all over the place. Depending on the night and crowd, I’m doing anything from Hip-hop/R&B and dancehall reggae to tribal house, Dance – Trap, reggaeton or bachata; I even hit the crowd with some slow jams this past weekend! And they LOVED IT!

Do you create your own music?

Yeah, I make my music, but I wouldn’t consider myself a producer at this point. My primary focus is on getting better with my technical DJ skills and finding new creative ways to get the crowd moving. I’m a DJ 1st!

What makes you unique as a DJ?

My energy for sure; I try to develop a relationship with the crowd every night, so they stay connected Battle/party rock hybrid.

What are some of you fave venues you’ve performed at?

I’ve had some great experiences playing at Marquee, Cielo, and Pacha in particular. Some of my other favorite spots are Studio Square, Public House, and Lexicon. For me it’s all about the vibe you create in a room.

Tell me a story of your wildest gig.

A little while ago I did a set at Studio Square with “Quiet Events.” There was something about the crowd and their energy that night, very different in all my years. I’ve never had a room like this; from girls rushing and twerking on the stage to girls jumping on the stage to dance with me. The crowd was screaming the words to songs back at me like I’ve never seen — it was dope.

What is your fave track of 2016 thus far?

“Promise,” by  Kid Ink ft. Fetty Wap. The vibe is everything on this record, and I appreciate the message they put forward in the video.

Any last word for the blog?

I’m just incredibly humbled by the experience so far. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m grateful to be on it. 2016 has been my best year so far, and I’m very excited for more big things. Big shout out to my sponsors Pamplona Unltd, Quiet Events, Onfyre Managment, and Big Shout to all my Supporters!

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