Acclaimed Christian hip-hop violinist and rapper, John “Adidam” Littlejohn recently released a new song — and enlisted his family [of 7] for the video. The song, “Better,” which is off of his upcoming album Caterpillar Chronicles, is uplifting, motivational, and overwhelmingly positive; Music Monthly Magazine hit the nail on the head when they described John’s style as “a breath of fresh air.” The fact that his wife and children are in the video, and he has a smile on his face for a good portion of the clip, adds an extra layer of endearing.

All sounds (beat, vocals, violin, effects) on the song are created by John and his violin — whom he affectionately calls “Margaret.” The track is entirely acoustic, with no special effects or samples.

He’s a fascinating guy, and I urge you to explore his website. For a limited time, John will be giving away a Free Download of the song, so get some positivity in your life: