EsZ—also known as Erron—is a rapper and visual artist from New York City that has been featured here on AAHH hip-hop; albeit it’s a been a while since we’ve heard from him. We were excited to get some new music from him. “Theory No. 9” is interesting for a few reasons; first of all, the title of the song suggests that it may not be factual. Secondly, the sheer concept (song and video) follows the protagonist—assuming he’s speaking as himself—as he’s seemingly talking to a love interest. An audio text message of sorts. That’s a side story, though. He’s developed a dependency to pills, which was picked up after an accident, which led to a heap of setbacks with which he—as an artist—is coping with; “art helps heal what the pills just won’t.”

As always with Erron, the quality and uniqueness are there—and the story element pulls you in. Check out the record below, and if you’re feeling, knock on the share button.