From ATL to Toronto, the music game has had its share of go-to cities for talent, fashion direction, and overall swag. Well, if three Bahamian-natives have their way, the Bahamas could become the new epicenter under the urban microscope. Rapper Duckie MrPoetry, singer Tebby Bahamian — who recently opened for the legendary Joss Stone at Hardrock Punta Cana — and radio personality/producer Jay Isaacs are looking to thrust their slice of paradise into the spotlight, and their latest effort [collectively], Black Love, is a powerful catapult in the right direction.

In a time where injustice in running rampant across not only North America but worldwide, Black Love, is a declaration of love, unity and a celebration of black culture and history. With a hard hitting beat and radio-ready production, the song is ready to go. Add the track to your playlists — ASAP!


Duckie Mr Poetr