After garnering over 730k Soundcloud plays with Kamaiyah’s 2015 smash hit “I’m On,” Oakland-bred Drew Banga is in full producer mode and adding more hits to his catalog. Drew’s crafted beats for a multitude of artists in the Bay Area, including 1-O.A.K and Rexx Life Raj. Back at it again, the producer teams up with 1-O.A.K, Tmtk, WADE08, and Amen for his new upbeat single “Multi Color,” dripping with an electric and energetic vibe.

“And she’s a perfect lover/she rides me like a bike/the world is so black and white/She’s so multi-color”
–1-O.A.K., from “Multi Color.”

Drew is a new breed of entrepreneurially minded artist, constantly keeping his creative hands on many projects at once. If he’s not making a beat, he’s working as the musical director for South Los Angeles rapper, Duckwrth.

“There’s not an artist in the Bay I haven’t produced for, done a song with or gone on tour with,” Banga says. “I’m a producer. I don’t sing, but I write. I try to make whatever I put my hands on better than what I heard before. And I’m all about cultivating people’s sound.”

Check out “Multi Color” below.