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Dreamcast McFly: Unique AF

Dreamcast McFly; an Avante Garde Hip-Hop artist who bends the rules of rap’s basic songwriting structure and brings in elements from multiple genres. “When asked how I feel about this music, I’m quick to tell anyone that Hip-Hop is life and what keeps me alive,” he says. Staying isolated from other artists, Dreamcast will go on for months not listening to any mainstream album while he’s working on the writing process for his projects.

There are talks of an upcoming album this year named Pegasus, which he only describes as “a depressing love story,” as well as a few tracks floating around the net. Currently, on his Youtube page you can view his visual treatment for his single “Joyride,” and filming has begun for his gritty smash “Harlem Knights.”

“Ironically, I thought only street dudes would enjoy this record, but when I perform it, I notice women paying attention too. I guess it’s a record that has universal appeal? I’m going to be spending a lot of energy as a creative consultant, working on other NY artists music videos, and will be a regular comedic panelist on the Verbal Assault Talk Show,” says Dreamcast when discussing what’s up next.

For now, check out his music and get familiar.

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