Street Noize CoCky is no new jack; born in Detroit, the multi-talented performer has over 25 years in the industry in multiple capacities. He thrived as an engineer, working on —aside from his projects—tv production among other things. He’s ha da successful DJ career rocking many notable clubs in his current city, Ohio, and was primarily responsible for introducing Columbus to Dubstep.

Most importantly, though, he’s a rapper. With a career that includes highlight like opening shows for Lil’ Wayne and Franchise Boys, he’s built a following, and the anticipation for his upcoming release, CoCky’s Da Name, is at an all-time high.

Growing up in the inner city of Detroit he had a lot of experiences that shaped him into the artist he is today; his raw, heartfelt lyrics are what his listeners tend to gravitate toward.

There isn’t an exact drop date as of yet, but fans can follow along on his site for updates!