Minnesota-based music artist and entrepreneur, D’Meetri is currently working on numerous art-cenric projects, including Art.Love.Sex, and Symphonic. He’s done an appreciable amount of collaboration work with local–as well as national–hip hop artists like Auburn, Mike Dreams, and Fly Henderson (amongst others) and is signed to “Ideal Talent Agency” in Los Angeles, California. The pace is maddening, the costs are pitched, but with an idealistic mind and aggressive work ethic, D’Meetri has what it takes to lead new perspectives in the industry–his artist attack will come from head on.

His latest record, “Bitch,” is a catchy song with a not so subtle piece of advice: “don’t fucking complain about your shit.” In today’s climate, it’s a welcomed piece of counsel we’re sure many of us would like to dedicate to numerous individuals on our respective Facebook timelines. Not quite hip-hop, not quite pop, not entirely R&B–D’Meetri walks the line. Get familiar; also, stop bitching!