New Orleans has long been an influential southern epicenter of hip-hop talent; notable game-changing outfits include Cash Money Records, Master P and his No Limit Records, and self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive Lil’ Wayne. More recently, artists like Curren$y and Dee-1 have emerged from the city. NYKOBANDZ is a new voice/face coming from out the Nola with a fresh take on the game. He’s a self-described “TrapRockStar” with a unique sense of fashion/style and a high energy stage show that has wowed the audience last year at the AC3 [in New Orleans]. He also earned a finalist slot for the ‘2016 Best New Artist of the Year Award’ as presented by the NOLA Music Awards. He’s collaborated with some artists–and just recently released the first track, “Friendly Reminder” from his soon to be released mixtape, SwimmingNBANDZ.

His Soundcloud is 12 songs deep with well over 100k spins–so he’s doing something right. His latest two videos/singles, “Friendly Reminder” and “Drip From My Walk” really help to put his direction and brand into perspective, while giving industry heads and fans alike something to bank on. Get familiar with young NYKOBANDZ–he and his team are going in this year!