Despite his 2017 joint efforts with fellow Compton recording artist Problem (Rosecrans), it’s been five years since we last heard anything new from West Coast legend DJ Quik. Discovering a reignited passion for music, Quik returns to his iconic solo career with the release of his brand new single, “World Girl”.

Produced by the legend himself, the track introduces Quik’s new protege Christian Ford. Ford opens the short of three minutes single with a melodic roll call of the world’s most beautiful women. Quik closes with flirtatious verse, describing the perfect combination of his ideal ride or die. Known for appealing to the ladies with signature charm and laid-back production, it’s very clear that the West Coast legend hasn’t missed a step.

“World Girl” is the lead single off of DJ Quik’s upcoming new album, currently untitled. The new single is available now via Mad Science Recordings.

Hear “World Girl” today via Spotify.