There’s so many ways to get into the game – and it often comes down to who you know. Luckily for Brooklyn (Fort Greene) rapper Divine, he knows venture capitalist Ben Horowitz. After connecting initially on Twitter, the rapper and VC hit it off (because Ben was a huge hip-hop head). Divine, at the time, was trying to fund his debut album Ghetto Rhymin on the popular funding platform Kickstarter. Ben’s wife, as well as some of his associates ended up giving generous pledges that led to the projects completion.

The album, which we’ll off the bat say is very QB in a good way, is a solid 16 song effort. Divine, who sounds like a hybrid of AZ, CNN and Tragedy Khadafi, provides few fillers and features, and instead focuses on bars. He shines on stand-outs like Brooklyn Brooklyn, Gun Talk and Hard Body. The fact that the album sounds like it could have been made 15 years ago (production and rhyme wise) may be a bit off putting for some newer listeners, and may not be for everyone; however, overall it’s a great project. All NYC hip-hop – definitely worth a listen.