“What’s inside of me? A point of view that always learns what is fact and what is fiction as we watch these tables turn.”

Not all hip-hop is straightforward; that’s not to say that Asheville, NC, based spiritual and mystic artist Bryan Divisions’ music is by any means not easy to digest, but it’s an alternate listen. Many artists like to hang their hat on the belief that they have cinematic or extra visual rhyme patterns — but Bryan more humbly does that without rubbing your face in it. His music is at once inspirational, transitional, and challenging. He has a strong focus on his lyrics, which at points come across as uber poetic, and more like a self-help manual/guide. His full-length, Shivai, is an exploration of many things — developing an understanding of God on the record of the same name, finding your yourself, and channel your true potential. “Channel,” “Stars,” and the title track all have a dose of positivity that almost seems jarring over the production that could easily be ridden in darker directions by another artist.

On his website, he describes himself as relinquishing all the previously ingrained belief systems he learned through life’s journey which only served to limit him, such as fear and doubt. “Discover and become yourself,” he laments on “Shivai,” “you’re not here to become someone else.” This theme of elevation and finding your truer purpose while opening up your third eye is carried across the bulk of his work, making him come across as more of a spirit animal than a contemporary rap artist [although he looks the part]. In essence, hip-hop is just one of the many platforms for him to spread his message of peace and [self] love.

Listening to his music, and then watching his live show is two different experiences altogether. The energy he exudes — as seen in the footage of his 50-minute set during the three-city Higher Vibes Tour — is explosive, to say the least. Music, though, is only one angle of his mission to help you elevate yourself — he’s also an author, and his 111-page book “Become Yourself: A Guidebook To Discovering Your Higher Self” is available on his website.

Bryan is interesting as hell — bottom line. Take a few minutes to check out his music. Start with his “Stranger Things” track below, and work your way through his catalogue of refreshingly positive and insightful music.

Check the bars!