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#Bucketlist: Red Hot Lover Tone

It’s impossible to discuss the legacy of hip-hop producers without mentioning Trackmasters – the duo of Tone & Poke. The duo are known for single handedly ushering in the jiggy era, takings Nas to the next level (commercially) and producing some of the most notable records in mainstream hip-hop, such as Juicy. The were the driving force behind the supergroup “The Firm”, they were the first one’s to give 50 cent a shot – they produced the bulk of his unreleased Power Of The Dollar album – and have so many platinum plaques they can barely hang them all up on the wall. But there are a few things they are often not remembered for such as their uncredited production of Biggie’s Who Shot Ya and One More Chance Remix. Or how about the fact that produced both Ill Street Blues and On The Run by Kool G Rap?

Most overlooked though was that Tone, then known as Red Hot Lover Tone was actually a rapper! He dropped not one but two albums on now defunct Select Records. His first album doesn’t really hold up, so we’ll leave that out of this conversation; although, his second (and final) effort #1 Player was a gem. Featuring production from the likes of Diamond D and Buckwild (as well as young Trackmasters themselves) and features from LOTNS member Charlie Brown, Big Daddy Kane and Greg Nice. There is one standout track here that make this album a must-listen: 4 My Peeps Remix featuring Organized Konfusion, M.O.P and a young Notorious B.I.G – this is all of these artists in their 1995 form, so you know it’s dope. There are two versions of the song, but it’ the Buckwild remix that really stands out to us.

So there you have it, another gem to add to your hip-hop bucket list.

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