Akademiks is facing backlash for offering advice on how Diddy might evade his sexual assault allegations. These remarks were made during an episode of his podcast, Off the Record, which featured special guest Lamar Odom.


During the episode, Akademiks suggested that Diddy could clear his name by claiming to be gay, bisexual, or identify as a woman, or by attributing his actions to mental health issues and therapy. He also proposed that Diddy could apologize and attribute his behavior to childhood trauma.

The comments sparked outrage online, with many critics condemning Akademiks’ suggestions. Detroit rap legend Royce Da 5’9″ responded to the clip with the comment, “smh.” Others referenced Akademiks’ own alleged history of sexual assault, highlighting the hypocrisy of offering such advice while facing similar allegations.

Akademiks’ legal troubles include a recent lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashe, who accused him of rape. According to the lawsuit, Ak invited her to his house, where she was drugged and raped by two of his friends. He has publicly addressed these allegations, stating that he cannot discuss the details due to ongoing legal proceedings and insinuating that the lawsuit was motivated by his reporting on Diddy’s legal troubles.

Adding to the controversy, Akademiks threatened to expose secrets from the entire Hip Hop industry if he was found guilty.

The reactions to Akademiks’ advice have been overwhelmingly negative, with many calling out his hypocrisy and lack of empathy for those who have experienced sexual assault.