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BmbuWEST drops The Diversity Tape

BmbuWEST is a hip-hop production duo from Philadelphia, PA. The duo, consisting of Cory ‘FortuneWest’ Wilson and John ‘Bmbu’ Alsace, met while attending Drexel University as Music Industry freshmen in 2008. In 2013 Bmbu and FortuneWest joined the Philadelphia based artist collective Synesthesia Records.

Over the summer of 2014 BmbuWEST decided to reach out and curate some of the most talented underground rappers from around the world and bring them together over their previously released beats. The results were quality but diverse tracks. Thus, The Diversity Tape.


1. Please Remind Me [Feat. Disturbed Individuals] 02:52
2. The Sickness [Feat. FlowHio] 03:42
3. This Can’t Be Life [Feat. James O.W.K.] 03:00
4. Over Under [Feat. ThatKidCry and Ra Scion] 03:05
5. Le Denier Baiser 2 (The Last Kiss 2) [Feat. Dante] 03:52
6. Chill Dungeon [Feat H-Rap Bey] 02:21
7. HeaveHoe [Feat. J.Manifesto and JohnNY U] 03:06
8. Freedom Of Speech [Feat. VoTEY Byouka] 03:11
9. Ahhh [Feat. Special!] 03:12
10. Duke’s Lament [Feat. Cool Hand Duke] 02:52
11. Heavy Traffic [Feat. Steve Young] 04:55


Check out the project below:

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