We recently caught up with unsigned rapper/model Young Nik aka Saki Bomb – a Japan-born Brooklynite poised for great things in the industry. She’s been heard on major radio and was even recognized by Source Magazine in their coveted Unsigned Hype column. Check out our interview with Ms. Saki Bomb after the jump.

What’s good? Tell everyone who you are and where you’re from?

Whats Upppp it’s your girl Saki Bomb bka Young Nik! Im from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, by way of Japan…I’ll explain that later.

How long have you been in this Hip-Hop game?

Since 2008 when I dropped my video for “Bouncers“.

What was your first exposure to Hip-Hop?

I would say the Lil Kim/Foxy Brown era hit me the hardest. Biggie, Jay-Z…I’m from Brooklyn so you already know.

Who has influenced you?

James Brown, Lauren Hill, Lil Kim , Foxxy Brown, Queen Latifah, Biggie, Jay-Z, Limp Bizkit, Linkin’ Park and my family, because my cousin wrote my first rap. We would have the karaoke machine going and dubbing tapes. Damn! Fun times!

Define your style?

I call it “Hipclectic” because I sound like everything in one; Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop.
It can be so diverse. I had to make up a new genre.

What challenges do you face being a female MC?

I would say breaking away from stereotypes that plague female Hip-Hop artists. For example, females that slept their way to the top versus females with actual talent, grinding for their own respect for their craft. Also companies thinking females are too emotional. I mean, I am emotional, but I put it in my music not my business. I’m worth the risk!

Being from NYC, do you feel the road is even more difficult as opposed to other Femcees from other regions?

Of course, Hip-Hop originated from NYC so they set higher standards in this part of town. Not that I can’t reach, but it’s easier for people from other places to be easily accepted, just by saying they’re different (without necessarily being good). I like competition though. I usually feel I have none because I do me. I don’t follow others. I create trends, I don’t follow them.

Where are some places you’ve performed at?

Aramachi Lounge, SOB’s, Times Square (100,000 people outside), Speed, 5Spot, Boston Concert Venue, Philly, Rose Castle…so many places.

What are your Top 3 Hip-Hop albums of all time?

Reasonable Doubt, Miseducation of Lauren Hill and (Lil’ Kim’s) Hardcore. Oh and Foxy Brown’s Broken Silence… I couldn’t pIck just 3!

What are your most memorable accomplishments to date?

Unsigned Hype in Source Magazine, Independent Artist in Source Magazine, Future Female in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine, my jingle playing on Ms. Jones morning show on Hot 97 for a year straight and winning the ILLMIND rhyme challenge in Brooklyn (Trophy).

What advice would you give to young Femcees?

Stay true to yourself and do music that makes you feel good. This game isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be strong and always continue leaning. You have to be able to handle people’s opinions. But, always stay open minded.

What can we be expect from Young Nik going into 2015?

You can expect Young Nik to be Saki Bomb!