BK’s Own ‘The Chillionaires’ Stay Chasing That Chicken

The Chillionaires—a three-man group, consisting of members Ruciano, Sky $craper, King G.r.a.y—was founded in 2013 in the borough of Brooklyn; long considered a vital nerve in hip-hop’s fabric, BK continues to foster dope talent. The group’s main goal is to make music that people can connect with on a personal level, that is, both be inspired and have fun/turn up.

Drawing influence from life and the variety of artists, actors, and activists [throughout the years], they plan on building a brand that will make people enjoy hearing what people have to say in their songs just as much as the bass filled beats. Imagine that! Check out their latest record, “Chasin Chicken,” and if you’re feeling it, mash the share button.


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