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Big Pun – Bronx Legends Never Die

Last night when I made my way to my mailbox I had only one thing on my mind – Big Pun. A week earlier, after hitting up producer Domingo on Twitter, I was about to receive a USB key with a WAV version of his new Big Pun EP Bronx Legends Never Die, the first official (Rios family sanctioned) Big Pun release since 2000’s Yeah Baby.

Being Latin, everybody has their idols in Hip Hop and it’s definitely not a biased thing but people idolized Biggie or they idolized Pac and people do idolize Pun but being that I’m Latin… Latin people hold Pun on this pedestal but I feel that his legacy doesn’t get pushed enough.

– Domingo discussing his motivation for the EP (BREAL TV)

The EP had a limited CD release of only 350, which Domingo pre-sold as part of an indiegogo campaign. Unfortunately I missed the boat, but was excited that domingo was willing to ship a USB. After unpacking and booting up my PC I finally pressed play – wow! This isn’t an over-produced posthumous release that many legends have suffered, this is a raw, hip-hop project that Pun would be proud of.

The EP features remixes/reworks and a few new/unreleased tracks – namely From the X and the epic Lyrically Fit. the latter features not only Shaq, Cormega and Easy Mo Bee [wow…mind blown], but also Pun’s son Chris Rivers who comes in right after his father. Another big tune is Symphony 2000 featuring Kool G Rap, Truck Turner and KRS One. The remixes, as well, are ridiculous – you need Domingo’s Dream Shatterer remix in your life (trust me).

The EP also includes some production from the infamous Dr.G, who has produced for Wu-Tang, Kool G Rap and more – and Domingo (if you aren’t familiar) is a legend in his own right. You should cruise through his discography.

Probably the most engaging (and touching) part of the EP are the memories that were shared by Pun fans. Domingo asked fans to be a part of this project and they supplied him with drops via Facebook. This is (overall) a great listen – highly recommended for old and new fans alike. It will be available on I-Tunes January 18th. Go support great music!

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