Apollo Brown & Skyzoo’s The East Truth is the gift that keeps on giving! They just returned from South Africa and Mozambique as part of the “The Easy Truth” Tour, and already have a new visual in the cannon, ready to blow.

For “On The Stretch & Bob Show,” they decided to enlist some of Brooklyn’s finest (kids) to play the parts of Apollo, Skyzoo, Stretch, Bobbito and recreate the classic 90s radio show. The result is a low-key VHS style video session of 89 Tech 9’s groundbreaking show that helped — in part — to launch the careers of artists like Biggie, Wu-Tang and so much more.

If you missed some of our past pieces, Stretch and Bob’s documentary was our top film of last year, and we also published interviews with both Sky and Apollo when the album initially dropped. Catch up!

Watch Apollo Brown & Skyzoo’s “On The Stretch & Bob Show” video, below.