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D.Ni.L. Uses Music To Turn His Life Around

Hip Hop has always been an equalizer; no matter your position in life, it’s a common language used by those who are dealing with various forms of shit to express themselves or spark some change. The latest video by D.Ni.L., a 33-year-old UK native, is living proof of that. A producer and Emcee, he spent a good portion of his teens around the York area, playing in bands. He composes in his head and plays by ear—which is quite brilliant. However, he’s battled alcoholism and addiction since the tender age of 12 and has spent four years living in hostels and sleeping wherever he could.

“The last nine years have been spent in a cycle of abstinence, relapse, and hospitalisation—as well as an increase in the use of hard drugs,” he tells AAHH. This, of course, is all channeled and documented on his brand new autobiographical LP This In’t A Party.

He’s spent the last year feverishly writing content for the album, while re-establishing his life, buying back musical equipment he’d sold for food and alcohol. His newest visual, “Suckle,” is oozing with the pain and heart he’s poured into the project, and its gritty black, and white treatment gives it an edge reminiscent of videos found on Video-Music-Box back in the heyday of NYC hip-hop.

Even more uplifting than his story, is that of his label. Musication—owned by Tang Hall SMART Community Interest Company—works exclusively with individuals like D.Ni.L. who are disadvantaged in some way, particularly through homelessness, mental health problems, etc. By allowing music to be a vehicle for recovery, they’re also ingeniously tapping into a fountain of raw emotion, desperation, and positive movements that speak to the core values upon which Hip Hop should be based.

Positive tings; check out the video, below.

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