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#IndieFeature: MPYRE – TWO STOCK

We’ve featured rapper MPYRE here on AAHIPHOP in the past — here’s a refresher. This time around, though, I sat with his full mixtape, TWO-STOCK. Let me back up, I’m getting too excited. MPYRE is a Philapino rapper who hails from Chicago, which is arguable one of the most eclectic musical melting pots anywhere. Ground zero for some of the most groundbreaking jazz music ever, drill music, and conscious hip-hop from the likes of Common and Lupe, artists emerging from the street of Chi-town could go many ways. MPYRE is bringing a very jazzy, mid-western hip-hop vibe that at a time takes me back to early days of Kanye on the ROC (aesthetically). TWO STOCK is eight tracks long — very concise, well paced, and well organized.

Now the goods. He covers a broad range of topics and directions, from police violence, terrible luck with relationships, some good old fashioned macking, depression, and more. The soulful hooks by Becca Brown on tracks like [one of my faves], “Rosetta Stone” — probably one of the more unique ‘trying to holla at a girl’ concepts I’ve heard in a while — is perfect. She also kills the vibed out “Chiberia,” where MPYRE calls out Chicago politicians and references Laquan MacDonald’s murder while simultaneously airing frustrations over the state of “Chiraq,” and the cities chilly climate.

Another huge record and big look for the rapper is the mixtapes closer, “Step By Step,” which features Saba, whom Some of you may have heard on Chance The Rapper’s “Angels.”

The album is well-arranged and flows like a lake. The vibe feels like it would translate well into a live performance with a live band and horn section. It’s personal, real, and just a good clean listen to free-of filler. For a debut mixtape, it shows a ton of promise. MPYRE is another artist we’re putting on our official watch-list. If anymore talent falls on our laps, we’ll have to open an office out there!

Be sure to add TWO STOCK to your playlist this weekend.

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