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AfterPxrty Drops New EP, ‘No Rest For The Wicked’

We’ve been rocking with Michigan-based rapper AfterPxrty for the past few projects now, and he keeps developing, while staying faithful to the original vibe that drew us in on The Saints Say Amen, which peaked at 16 on iTunes — that’s a big deal. After his initial success, he started his imprint, Global Money Group LLC, which already has ten releases under its belt. With a larger platform at stake, I immediately expected something serious from him.

Naturally, without hesitation, I plugged in the aux cable and took a night right to give the homie’s project a spin — here’s what I thought.

No Rest For The Wicked is an eight-song EP full of big bars and even bigger production. In the past I compared his (very) slightly unorthodox but commanding flow to west coast legend Saafir; I’m doubling down. From the onset of the first track, “Republic” — overflowing with video game references intertwined with lamenting about the grind-time he’s put in — you know this project is AfterPxrty going Super Saiyan.

While the project doesn’t venture too far out of the bass-filled pocket he sets up, which gives it a sonic cohesiveness, he does poke his head out a few times. “Blade – Runner” stands out with its atmospheric sampled beat, giving him more of a “rappidy-rap” soundscape to beat down. Another stand out for me was “No Rest,” which I found myself going back to more than twice after my first run-through; the subtle bass switch on the chorus is nasty (for lack of a better term).


“A Million Questions” comes through with a face-paced beat that sounds like it was stolen off of Meek’s latest track list. “Ask that Eagle why he flies, nigga … ask that lion why he king, nigga; ask that king about that dream, nigga,” he states in the chorus.

Missed opportunity: the hottest beat on this project, in my opinion, was the “Wealthy Street Interlude,” which he didn’t bless at all!

Overall, it’s the best we’ve heard so far from the Grand Rapids rapper; we’ll have to keep an eye on this one to see if he can repeat the charting success he had with The Saints Say Amen. Worth a spot on your busy weekend playlist, though.


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