Sometimes you have to get outside of your perspective; as an artist, Skriptz lives that mantra. Having been born in India, then growing up in Switzerland and Thailand — and attending college in Bennington, Vermont — has broadened his perspective on what he hopes to do with Hip Hop. “It’s amazing how changing your mindset can help you change your entire life,” he tells AAHH confidently.

Skriptz would definitely have some insight on the subject. Aside from (generally) being a big fan of self-help, he’s a practicing certified life coach. His newest visual, “Abundance,” more than illustrates the power of mindset. “This video is about the abundance mentality and self-awareness,” he explains. “This term ‘Abundance’ is thrown around in the new age spiritual community as a big concept — that’s exactly what I’m challenging with this video … it’s more about this ‘everything to gain, nothing to lose’ mentality rather than accumulating social capital.”

The video itself is set around the concept of VR, with Skriptz dropping bars amid interesting virtual backdrops. “I’ve always been interested in human consciousness … that’s where the VR aspect comes from; it’s a metaphor that we can quickly change our reality if we allow ourselves to!”

The single, produced by Kid Ocean, isn’t the only piece of the puzzle in this kid’s catalog. With a SoundCloud that dates back to his demo, which dropped five years ago, his latest project (which doesn’t contain this single) is F.B.I- Full Bloodied Indian, that dropped three months ago. He also has a history of dropping trippy video treatments, such as March’s “King Skriptz,” which is has a jazzy instrumental laced with focused, content-filled bars, illustrated with seemingly random (at times kitschy) imagery.

“I want to inspire people to be themselves and be the best version of themselves,” he says with a smile. He’s a character that allows himself to permeate outside of just Hip Hop music. A simple foray through his YouTube makes that clear.

Change your perspective; check out what Skriptz has to offer — in a sea of new-school mediocracy, he’s a real one.