“I’m an artist that’s here to stay.” –P.Muna

Not many artists get the kind of opportunity afforded to 27-year-old P.Muna. The New Yorker — born Prosper Mbongue-Muna — earned a healthy base of fans appearing as a cast member on MTV’s Are You The One?. “It was a crazy experience,” he tells AAHH. “One of the craziest experiences of my life … I was chilling with a bunch of beautiful women and got to make some money at the ends, so that’s always nice.”

The experience, aside from putting his face out there, allowed him to leverage red carpet situations, and connect some critical dots. “It was just a great outlet,” he continues. “It was different you know … it wasn’t [really] a ‘Hip Hop culture’ outlet.” He quickly adds, “at the same time my music is more universal.”

His music has heaps of crossover appeal. He only just recently popped into my radar with his visual “Game,” which was included in our #aahhtop5weekly round-up earlier this month. The track, along with his other new track, “Vice City,” are both slated to appear on his brand new project, 1991, which — although being touted on blogs as far back as late 1996, is dropping in the next month or so.


“I’m working on a project called 1991,” Muna explains, “the year I was born. I’m speaking to the generation, you know, everybody from the nineties, or around that era. Just representing.”

Eyes and ears are definitely on the kid, especially with a track record of opening/sharing stages with big names like Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz — among others. But pressure is nothing; his dizzying amount of grind is looking like it’s about to pay off.

“I got to shoot a music video [last week] for one of my new songs called Pull Up … I am very excited about that,” he tells us. “Just working man, that’s where I’m at right now.”

Something is intriguing about his story — which mirrors the all-American Dream. He went to New York with just over $100 in his pocket and a dream of making in this industry.

“I just want to let people know I’m an artist that’s here to stay,” he tells us before hopping off of the phone call, “that’s what’s up.” He just dropped a remix of the Childish Gambino hit, “Redbone.” You can check That out, below. His new video, “Pull Up,” drops on September 1st.