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#AAHHTOP5WEEKLY Top 5, July 28

Peace Hip Hop nation, here is another installment of our ever popular #aahhtop5weekly series; a reoccurring showcase of dope videos that make their way into my inbox. If you want to see your video become a part of the playlist, simply submit it using the submit link on the site — or hit me on Twitter

3TB – “Friday Night”

TwonDon – “Jennifer’s Song”

Tagh 6700 – “Gang Ties”

Brady Watt ft. Michael Christmas – “Youth in Revolt”

Dubb Zero – “Live Forever”

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Riley here — father, artist, videographer, professional writer and SERIOUS hip-hop head. I'm a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, and I think everything is better on vinyl. Add me on Twitter! @specialdesigns