Netflix and chill with the top 4 must see Documentaries on Netflix for inspiration. Whether you’re focused on music, fashion or just need to witness a journey for encouragement. These documentaries can strike a light of creativity and get your mind illuminated with ideas.

Fresh Dressed

Released in 2004 by Sacha Jenkins, Fresh Dressed is a documentary that takes you on a fashion timeline. Detailing the hottest trends, and the hype behind them, this documentary will leave you fashion struck. You’ll gain inspiration from Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Kid’n Play and other Hip Hop figures as they talk about their fashion experiences.

Tupac and Biggie

Director Nick Broomfield produced a film that sparks several questions after the infamous death of Tupac and Biggie. This documentary gives us an insight on the murders and leaking never before seen information on the mysterious unsolved murders of both rappers. Inspiration can be drawn from the legacy these two set worldwide.

Rhyme and Reason

Rated 4 Stars, Rhymes and Reason is a documentary that strips the perception of fame off big time rappers and allows them to talk about the world and culture of hip hop from each coast. It’s such a raw film that can inspire others in many ways.


Backstage is a documentary that takes us on a journey backstage with Jay-Z while he was on his Hardknock tour in 1999. Get a taste of the tour life!

First off, having a creativity block is by far one of the worst things that can happen when you’re an artist. What’s even worse, is forcing yourself to create when in fact, you’re empty minded. The best way to get over a creative block is to sit back, relax and watch something enlightening. So the next time you want to get inspired, check out these four films on Netflix!